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My son cracked two teeth in a playground injury. The office was able to fit me us in same-day so that I could get him looked at. Dr. Misa Yoshioka was absolutely amazing in diagnosing severity, doing the x-ray and repair work within the bounds of this visit. Her repair work was speedy and seamless; my son's teeth looked good as new when she was done. She kept me aware of risks of the repair and what to look out for without being pessimistic or alarming. Her communication was high on empathy and kindness and she very clearly understands how to communicate with both children and adults. Dr. Misa is the gold standard for dentists. I wish she also worked on adults; if she did, I would be seeing her for checkups.

“A truly caring dentist with a modern, kid-centered facility overlooking Green Lake. If you’re just starting out with a pediatric dentist or are switching to find better care, you will be lucky if you can get to see Dr. Sata and her friendly crew. I have two kids (five and ten) who have been seeing her since their first dental visit. One has cavities and one does not. We really appreciate their care.” — Shannon A.

“Dr. Sata is an amazing dentist! My children love going to the dentist. My eight-year-old daughter had to have two teeth extracted and Dr. Sata was so kind, and took her time to make sure my daughter felt comfortable. AND they let me (encouraged really) be with her to hold her hand. Then my daughter was facing gum surgery and Dr. Sata spent time with her explaining the procedure and making sure she wasn’t too anxious. She even told my daughter she could call her at home if she had any more questions or worries. I cannot say enough good things about her and her amazing staff. We have been going to Dr. Sata for five years and love her. She is so pleasant, smart, and professional. The office is clean, modern, and family-friendly.” — Gail J.

“My son has been going to Dr. Camille Sata for 11 years. He was born with a condition called Amelogenesis imperfecta (low enamel) and Dr. Sata was referred to me by another pediatric dentist. She had treated other patients with low enamel and immediately educated me about it, putting me at ease and putting my son at ease with her gentle manner. Dr. Sata is very knowledgeable, kind, and professional. She is always happy to see my son and shows him that she cares about him and his teeth. Her office is set up so kids feel comfortable to get treatment. There are books, toys, a comfy sofa, play area, and magazines for adults. Her whole staff is very nice and I think her fees are fair. I highly recommend this dental office.” — Lisa B.

“We took our 18-month-old here for her first dentist visit. This place is designed to keep kids happy. They have a play area in the waiting room, a circle area with toys inside to practice brushing the teeth of the stuffed animals, and then some more little toys at the end of your visit to take home. They spent a lot of time with us just showing our child the instruments and being very patient to make sure the first visit was a positive experience. Our child actually let them floss and brush her with the electric brush and had fun checking out all the equipment. It went much better than I expected and we will be back!” — M. G.

“Dr. Sata’s staff is remarkable: every last one of them friendly and well-skilled in working with children. Dr. Sata is a dream! I wish she were my dentist. Period. My son has a real fear of dentists and isn’t always cooperative under their care; however, not once has Dr. Sata or her staff made him (or us) feel uncomfortable, shown signs of frustration, or disrespect to his feelings. She validates his fears, hugs him when she’s finished, and always shows tenderness and kindheartedness toward him. Thank goodness for compassionate people and practices such as this one!” — Stacey S.

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